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Your Smartphone Can Be Mounted – Don’t Depression

It seems like everyone is on the go with their smartphones and in our busy and active lifestyles, we bring our phones everywhere.  It’s easy to imagine how the phone you’re probably reading this post can easily fall and crack its screen.  (Fun fact – I dropped my phone while writing part of this post.  And no – thankfully it did not break.) 

Fear not, dear reader, for there is hope. Cosmetics aside, chances are, that smartphone still has a lot more life in it – that is – as long as you don’t allow the problem to get any worse. 

The phone repair economy is huge – to the tune of over $4 billion dollars a year and is likely to grow, given that the phones of today last longer than those of only a few years ago.  Phone repair is typically a broken screen or battery issue, but what’s interesting is that even when people break their smartphones, they often do not protect themselves with a strong enough case to withstand future damages.   

Learn more about saving your phone and get the most out of it before costly replacement phones by learning about your options in the phone repair economy in the following visual deep dive below:

A Look at the Phone Repair Economy

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