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Those Apps Will Assist You Plan for Your Circle of relatives’s Long run

Fabric, Quicken, LawDepot, LegalZoom, and Rocket Lawyer are some of the apps that can help a person plan for the future of his or her family. With these apps, a person can generate a will from the comfort of his or her office or home at an affordable price. These will-making apps can create something as simple as a basic household plan to something as major as a comprehensive estate plan.

Best Will-Making Apps


Through the Fabric app, a user can protect his or her family by creating a will free of charge. If a user has decided whom he or she wants to be the executor, then the process can take roughly 10 minutes. Fabric’s team partnered with reputable law firms to develop a legally binding template. When using Fabric, all the user needs to do is to answer a couple of questions, print the template out, and meet with two witnesses to have the will signed and notarized.


This app provides numerous estate planning documents, including a legal will, healthcare directive, financial power of attorney, living trusts, and a letter to supervisors, for $99.99. Once a user purchases it, he or she owns it, meaning the user can make new documents whenever he or she wants. The app is designed with laws and processes specific to each state in mind and is updated by competent lawyers regularly.


LawDepot allows users to create an estate document in less than five minutes. The app has a help center where users can seek clarification through email, call, or chat. It offers a free trial that enables users to access all available legal documents for seven days. They can also download over 150 legal document templates, which are applicable in all 50 states. Once the free trial expires, the user is required to pay $33 per month to continue enjoying the service.

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LegalZoom is an excellent choice for those looking for legal counsel when creating an online will. The app offers access to a competent attorney who has an in-depth understanding of state-specific laws. Professional legal support is available at the beginning of the will-making process. A self-guided questionnaire is also available for those who want to start making a will on their own. One-year legal support is also available once a user completes the will to help him or her make necessary updates and resolve issues. The cheapest plan goes for $89.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer provides online legal services such as legal documents and legal counsel. Users can buy individual legal documents, including wills, health directives, trusts, and powers of attorney, for $39.99 each. A user can download all those documents once he or she provides all the necessary information online. After that, he or she will receive instructions on how to make those documents legally binding. Rocket Lawyer is user-friendly and has a huge network of attorneys that offers legal counsel in all 50 states. This enables users to create legally binding documents that can protect their surviving loved ones in case they are killed in a motor vehicle accident or any other accident.