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Streamline Your Publish-Divorce Existence with Those Apps

OurFamily Wizard, SupportPay, coParenter, Divorceify, and Happify are some of the apps that can help a divorced person streamline his or her post-divorce life. Through these apps, the divorced person can track documents, notifications, expenses, and co-parenting plans, as well as keep communication with the other party clean.

OurFamily Wizard

This app comes with a variety of potentially helpful tools for those who are co-parenting. It, for instance, features an interactive calendar that enables parents to develop a co-parenting arrangement that works for each party. There is an expense log that tracks the expenses the two parents share. That way, when one parent covers a shared expense, he or she will know the reimbursement amount to expect from the other parent.

OurFamily Wizard allows parents to post receipts and invoices, as well as perform payment transactions inside the app for an additional fee in certain circumstances. They can also upload and safely store crucial family information, including medical reports, emergency contacts, insurance information, and school schedules. The app features a secure message board that facilitates effective communication between parents. It also comes with a ToneMeter feature that ensures all messages are civil. The cheapest plan goes for $99.99, with an extra $10 for the ToneMeter.


SupportPay is an app for managing, monitoring, and paying child support. Through the app, the receiving parent can demonstrate to the other parent exactly how costly raising the children is. The paying parent can go through the receipts to see how money is spent and specific expenses it covers.

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The paying parent gets reminders and alerts from the app that enables him or her to meet the child-support-payment obligation on time. Basic features are free, while premium ones cost $19.99 per month or $14.99 per year for those who want to pay the entire amount upfront.


This app is specifically designed to help divorced parents who are raising children separately together avoid conflicts. Through coParenter, parents can notify each other whenever they pick up or drop off the children.

Thanks to smart filters, parents can maintain cordial communication with each other. They can make requests to each other directly within the app. One parent can, for instance, request the other to take a child to the doctor, switch weekends, or change other visitation arrangements. If the two parents fail to reach an agreement, one of them can hit the Get Help icon to request on-demand mediation. Pricing starts at $12.99 a month.


Divorceify is an innovative app that helps anyone going through divorce to navigate the process efficiently and confidently. It leverages a machine-learning algorithm to connect divorcing couples to vetted local professionals, including financial advisors, mediators, therapists, and support groups.

It also features a resource library that provides divorcing couples with reliable information about divorce. The app is free to download and use.


Happify helps divorcees manage stress, deal with difficult emotions effectively, and develop resilience. It has tools that help a user train his or her brain to avoid negative thought patterns. Happify offers three pricing options: $14.94 a month, $6.95 per month for a year, and $4.95 per month for two years.

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