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Running With Your Resolutions: Tips for Keeping Your Running Goals

It’s here, a brand new year. Hopes of a Covid-free life are still just a bit out of reach but that shouldn’t stop us from setting and achieving goals elsewhere in our lives! Some of the most common resolutions include getting into shape, exercising more, losing weight… I could go on. Many Americans feel the fresh start to the New Year also means a fresh start to shake bad habits and unhealthy living. Here are a few tips for making that running goal realistic and sticking with it.


One of the best ways to start running is to download one of the MANY running apps. Nike, Map My Run, Apple Fitness, and countless others have created apps with the runner in mind. They can track distances, map routes, provide audio coaching, and so much more. These apps are perfect for new and experienced runners for day-to-day usage. If you’re REALLY new to running, an app like Couch to 5K is the perfect tool for individuals who want to ease their way into distance running. This app tells you when to run, when to walk, and helps build your endurance for that multi-mile race.


A massive roadblock to successful running is having the wrong equipment. Consumers are marketed a pair of running shoes and assume that the pair will work for them. Could. Not. Be. More. Wrong. Shoes are incredibly important and can make or break the running experience. When you run, do you pronate or supinate? This will impact the type of running shoe you should purchase. If you’re not sure, go see the nice people at Fleet Feet or another running store that specializes in helping customers choose the correct shoe. Employees will watch you walk or run and determine the best type of shoe for your individual gait.

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Once you get your shoes and app in order, the next step to successful running is organizing every step of the way. Create a schedule. Use a calendar to mark days for long runs, short runs, and days for rest/recovery. You’re more likely to stick with a schedule that’s been made and adjusted by you to meet your own individual needs. Also, create a running playlist or download an entertaining book as your “go-to” when running. It will help break up the monotony.

Take Care of Yourself

Finally, take care of yourself when you decide to take on this type of challenge. Running is a test of the body and mind, so be sure to support both. Listen to your body. If you’re injured, go see a specialist or give yourself a few rest days. Runners search for relief from all kinds of ailments. Anything from bunion splintstocompression socks might be common practices to help runners stay active, but the important thing is, listen to your body and take care of it when needed.

Overall, running is good for the soul. It helps to relieve anxiety and builds healthy habits for the long term. Making the resolution isn’t difficult, but sticking with your goal can be daunting. Having the appropriate tools, mindset, and well-organized plan won’t run that marathon for you, but they will certainly help get you there. Happy running!