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New Report Demonstrates the Importance of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products for European Consumers

Cosmetics products aren’t just about looking good, they are important for protecting ourselves from sunburn, infections, and disease. Cosmetics are a vital part of securing our care needs. Cosmetics Europe, Europe’s premier personal care association, has found that 72% of European consumers believe that cosmetics and personal care products are an “essential” part of their daily lives. European consumers report that these products are important for their self-esteem, quality of life, and smoothing social interactions. The report highlights the important role that the industry plays in society.

Cosmetics Europe tasked Ifop with coming up with the European Consumer Perception Study for 2022. Ifop surveyed a representative sample of more than 6,000 consumers in 10 countries on the continent: the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, and Bulgaria.

People use cosmetics for a wide variety of care needs, from body to oral care. According to the report, Europeans use an average of seven distinct products every day, and 13 a week.

The report found that European consumers were driven by three reasons when using cosmetics and personal care products.

  1. Hygiene was the leading reason, with 88% of consumers stating that they trusted their personal care products to meet their hygiene needs.
  1. The second key reason is the need for a source of self-esteem. Self-esteem is an important care need, and 70% of European consumers reported that using cosmetics products improves their self-esteem. There is a clear relationship between using cosmetics and self-esteem. A trip to Avant Permanent Cosmetics could be just the thing to lift your mood.
  1. Finally, the report finds that European consumers use cosmetics to meet their skin and hair care needs.
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Cosmetics and personal care products are essential for helping European consumers feel good. Indeed, 71% of Europeans find that cosmetics improve their quality of life. They aren’t just great for self-esteem, hygiene, and meeting hair and skin care needs, they are also important for how other people perceive you. Some 62% of European consumers report believing that using cosmetics and personal care products improves how they are seen by other people and 62% believe that these products are important in their overall social relations.

This report is an important contribution in the study of the industry, showing the positive role that the industry plays in securing the many hygiene, hair and skin, and self-esteem needs that their users have. This is a very holistic perception of products, considering that the industry is usually seen through the lens of how it impacts self-esteem needs. It turns out that cosmetics and personal care products are multi-functional in their importance.

It’s clear that cosmetics and personal care products play an important role in greasing social interactions. Consumers perceive that without these products, their social interactions would be inferior, and how they are perceived would decline.

The report demonstrates just why consumers spend so much money on cosmetics and personal care products: without these products, they would not be able to secure their hygiene, self-esteem and skin and hair care needs. More people should be encouraged to use these products to enjoy the same benefits.