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NANO Listening to Aids VS ReSound VS Costco: What Evaluations Say

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that the number of people who have to live with disabling hearing loss is set to increase to 900 million people by 2050. As such, there is a great need for hearing aids which are not only effective, but also affordable. 

There are many hearing aids available, all of which have numerous benefits. The best way to ascertain the value of a brand, however, is to consider the views of those who have used it. Below we’ve set out a comparison guide on Nano, ReSound, and Cost hearing aids respectively. In order to ascertain their value, we considered technology, price and where to purchase them as these are the two most important aspects of most consumer reviews. 

Nano Hearing Aids

Since the formation of the company, the Nano Hearing Aid Reviews have been predominantly positive. The debilitating effects of hearing loss has a significant impact on those who have to live with it, and as such it is not surprising that Nano hearing aids have been met with this approval. The most significant hurdle that most people need to overcome in order to get effective hearing aids is financial in nature.  


Nano thus offers state-of-the-art technology at a fraction of the cost of more expensive brands. 


With prices between $379 and $997, one of the things that consumers appreciate most about the brand is their affordability, especially in relation to the quality of their products. 

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Where to purchase them

Nano is one of the only brands which can be purchased online without first needing to visit a local audiologist recognized by the hearing aid brand. The company provides a free online hearing test in order to ascertain what model would suit the consumer best. 

ReSound Hearing Aids

Many consumers are directed in ReSound’s direction by their audiologists and their helpful effect on hearing loss isn’t disputed. Some of the positive reviews remark on how comfortable they are, how convenient they are to purchase, and how easy they are to use. The overall reviews of ReSound are fairly well-balanced, but consumers tend to approve of other brands more prominently. 


ReSound is well-known for their technological advancements in the hearing aid industry. Using 2.4GHz streaming, ReSound was the first hearing aid business to provide direct connectivity through the technology. More than that, they’ve also led the pack in providing direct stereo sound streaming for Apple and Android devices. 


However, with average costs of between $3,500 and $8, 200 per pair, it’s certainly not accessible to everyone. So, even as clients are positive about how good they are, the question of their price is never far from mind. 

Where to purchase them

ReSound can be purchased all over the world, but a branch in the area needs to be contacted. After that, an appointment needs to be made with one of their hearing care professionals. Once the consultation has occurred, the correct model will be advised and the consumer can buy it from the health care professional. 

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Costco Hearing Aids

Costco hearing aids have provided consumers with a variety of hearing aids at reasonable prices. The positive reviews of the brand tend to focus on the fact that they offer in-store services and the help from hearing aid specialists. They are, however, one of the most successful brands when it comes to hearing aids and are very popular in the U.S. 


Although they do strive to provide the latest technology, many still consider the models a bit outdated. Often, Costco won’t be able to get the latest hearing aids as they become available and consumers will most likely have to wait a couple of months before they’ll be able to purchase them from Costco. 


The prices vary according to the brand and technology that you decide upon, but they do have ranges which go for approximately $1,499 at the most inexpensive. However, at the other end of the price range, you can get models which cost $3,500. 

Where to purchase them

Consumers need to be members of Costco after which they can make an appointment at a Costco Hearing Aid Center in their area where their hearing will be tested and an appropriate brand advised.

Overall Impressions

All of the above-mentioned brands have established their own merit, and the consumer reviews speak to that. The need for effective hearing aids will only grow, and the balance between this effectiveness and the price associated with it will need to be considered. At the moment, Nano seems to be the best situated when it comes to this balance. However, there are other brands to be considered, for example, Unitron Hearing Aids. The overall best decision for any consumer is to consider all of the reviews and ascertain which is best according to their own unique needs. 

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