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Millicom (Tigo) to launch new digital “[email protected] [email protected]” platform for the digital skilling of teachers in Latin America

Millicom (Tigo) to launch new digital “[email protected] [email protected]” platform for the digital skilling of teachers in Latin America

Millicom, a leading provider of fixed, mobile and digital services in Latin America through its Tigo brand, today announced the launch of a region-wide, web-based app for its [email protected] [email protected] program offering school teachers online learning modules in digital literacy.

Millicom (Tigo) first launched [email protected] [email protected] in 2020 in the countries where it operates to strengthen digital education systems that had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program was designed to reduce the digital divide, and its contents initially consisted of online training which prepared educators including teachers, school administrators, and others, to understand and use digital tools to improve educational quality. The interactive modules were delivered via videos, podcasts, and other digital means. Through [email protected] [email protected], the company has trained more than 250,000 educators to date in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

The new web-based app currently offers a catalog of 20 free courses developed in collaboration with AHYU, an international organization focused on educational content. Course topics include digital tools, PowerPoint, Canva, Zoom, educational innovation, storytelling, gamification, use of social networks, digital tools for the classroom, and neuroeducation. The digital platform will allow a much easier and immediate access to the [email protected] [email protected] toolkit for educators willing to acquire new skills, at a critical time for digital education. The program represents one of Millicom’s most important ESG-based education programs aimed at improving and empowering lives through connectivity. The platform is available at the following link

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“At AHYU, we are pleased to work hand in hand with Millicom (Tigo) in its commitment to contribute to quality education in Latin American countries,” said Arlei Villegas, director of production at AHYU. “Now that educational work has become hybrid, the virtual programs we have developed and our experience in facilitating teachers, families and students, responds to the needs of this new reality and hopefully reaches all levels of education.”

Since its early stages, various allies and partners have helped drive the expansion of [email protected] [email protected] in the nine countries where Millicom (Tigo) operates, including several education ministries, the United Nations Children´s Fund (UNICEF), and various local media outlets.  

We at Millicom (Tigo) can think of no better way to meet the societal and economic needs of a community than to strengthen its education system with the teachers at the heart of it all,” said Karim Lesina, Millicom EVP and chief external affairs officer. “With the launch of our [email protected] [email protected] online platform, we are placing digital literacy training within the grasp of thousands more teachers so they can develop the skills they need to inspire students through new channels and methods to reach them anywhere in the globe. These and other efforts reinforce our support of the UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals. Connecting our communities means more to Millicom (Tigo) than simply providing internet access. We are opening for them the door to the future.

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