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How to Get Back into Dating After Going Through a Divorce

Navigating the dating world after a divorce can be exciting, yet scary. You might feel tempted to jump right in and move on with someone new, or you may be reluctant to open your heart up again. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of finding the perfect partner for you once you’re ready to move on.

Identify What Went Wrong in Your Marriage

No matter why the marriage ended, it’s important to be honest with yourself and the way you may have contributed to its breakdown. Were there communication issues that couldn’t be resolved? Was there resentment built up over the years that became insurmountable in the end? Regardless of who may have done what, it’s important to identify the strengths and weaknesses within your previous relationships so you know how to avoid these mistakes in the future.

Make Sure You’re Ready to Jump Back Into the Dating Pool

It can be easy to try to rush into a new relationship, especially after a toxic or dysfunctional one has ended. Unfortunately, becoming too serious too quickly is a surefire way to damage potential connections with people who may otherwise have been a great match for you. If you’re just getting over a divorce it’s better to take things slow and have some fun exploring what you may or may not want in your future relationships. Take time to meet new people and enjoy new experiences. You never know where true love might be waiting.

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Be Clear With Your Expectations and What You Are Looking For

Are you looking for another long-term relationship, or do you want to have fun exploring the dating scene? It’s important to be forthright with your potential matches after the first few dates to make sure you’re both on the same page. Otherwise, you might find yourself wasting your time and their time on a match that ultimately won’t last.

Don’t Rush a New Relationship as It Develops

Have you hit it off with someone and are excited about what the future may hold? It’s important not to rush into a relationship with someone new. It usually takes someone several months to reveal who they really are in a relationship. This means that both you and your partner will likely put your best face forward for the first several dates before slowly revealing your authentic selves. Give your new relationship time to blossom before you decide you’d like to take your connection a step further.

Know Your Value as a Partner

There are never any clear winners in divorce. Many times both partners leave the relationship with some emotional baggage and a lower sense of self-worth. It’s important to realize the immense value you bring in a relationship and not let your scars from the past negatively affect your new prospects. Understand that you have a lot to offer other people, and seek professional counseling if your past relationship continue to affect your ability to move on with someone new.