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How to Block Ads in a Game in 5 Minutes

Modern mobile games have become aggregators of advertising offers with monetization, spam, and an increased interest in the user’s personal information. Even AAA-level projects have an appetite for free mobile traffic. According to Business Of Apps, advertising in mobile games is more than 22% of all marketing solutions in the market. Because of this abundance of spam, users have no choice but to look for How to Disable Ads in Mobile Games. Consider that we have done all the work for you and have already discovered a modern miracle solution to mobile spam and ad problems.

Block Ads From All Games in 5 Steps!

We have tested the algorithm of the new AWAX ad blocker family member. It effectively fights with marketing creatives of all kinds in games and does not decrease productivity, even for relatively low-end devices. Having evaluated all the advantages of the solution, we decided to share a quick guide on installing and configuring the blocker.

Silence a game ad in just 5 minutes:

  • Install AWAX from GooglePlay or an apk file from the website, then allow the installation to the system and wait for the download to complete.
  • In the device settings, allow the creation of a VPN connection using the installed program, and in the app’s configuration, select the protection method.
  • During the trial period, get acquainted with the potential of the ad blocker, its functions, and the effectiveness of the protection against annoying spam.
  • After the trial period, you select the optimal subscription model and purchase a license. The flexible pricing model is affordable for all customers.
  • Enjoy an advanced gaming experience with no ads, no spam, no tracking, no loss of performance, and no worries about losing personal data.
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As a result, by spending only 5 minutes to install and configure the app, you get:

  • A local VPN with a database of trackers and ad aggregators.
  • Increased device performance.
  • Disabling activity tracking in games.
  • Reducing the amount of ads.
  • Protection of sensitive data.

Thanks to this digital solution, your device will become entirely invulnerable to phishing, spam, fraud, and even external malware. We hope that now you know how to stop ads on games and how easy it is to do with AWAX.