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How Cell Apps Can Make Us More fit

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We are well into the digital revolution; our lives have changed so dramatically through advancements in technology that we have no idea how we survived before smartphones. Not everything has been for the better of course.

We have yet to deal with the effects of children going through their formative years addicted to screen time. But overall, the innovations have made the world a better place to be.

We don’t worry much about getting lost, and we have so much knowledge at our fingertips. We can make informed decisions on things we had no knowledge of moments earlier, with a quick search. But one of the main ways mobile technology is making us better is through health apps and wearable technology.

Food Tracking Apps:

Not long ago if we wanted to count calories, we needed to carry a chart and we might also have a scale in our kitchen. These days you just need an app to keep track of all that. They have apps now that can help you track nutrition in very specific ways, like daily cholesterol or carbohydrates. And there are also apps that help you understand the psychology of eating.

They help you analyse your eating choices and help coach you into making better nutritional decisions. Even at the grocery store, you can use apps that analyse your choices, like if you see an attractive dairy product, the app might suggest something with less sugar.

Finding an Australian dairy packaging company that lists the essential product information will ensure that you are aware of the nutritional value of what you consume.

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Exercise Apps:

Today there are numerous apps designed to help you exercise. Some of these apps work in conjunction with wearable tech, like a smart watch or a Fit Bit type device.

You can get apps to help you design a workout routine, and then track and assess your performance, even prompt you to work out again. And these devices follow your activity daily, counting your steps, recording your activity level and your heart rate. All of this gives you the ability to maximise your workouts and get a good understanding of what your training is accomplishing for you.

Medical Apps: 

Along with watching our food and our exercise, there are apps now that help manage our medical conditions. Some apps can help you manage stress by suggesting guided meditations.

There are apps to inform us on our sleep habits, and some that help us manage the amount of vitamin D we are receiving from our outdoor activities.

There are apps for skin care, for diabetics, for cancer patients, and for pain management. There are also apps for tracking exposure to Covid-19. It seems we now have access to medical help 24 hours a day. And most of it is for free.

We certainly live in the most interesting time for humanity so far. Despite all the recent inconveniences and lock downs, in many ways are lives are getting better day by day.

It is up to take advantage of all that is available, but no one can say that the help isn’t there for people to make positive changes to their health and mental well-being too.

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