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G.A. Wintzer & Son Selects Revolutionary New Technology from e2 companies to Drive Increased Reliability with Onsite Power Supply

e2 Companies and affiliate Palm Energy LLC will deliver seamless resiliency and energy cost savings for G.A. Wintzer & Son with a fully integrated Virtual Utility®

G.A. Wintzer & Son, a leading provider of animal feed ingredients and recycling for agriculture, today announced its selection of e2 Companies’ R3Di® system that will increase the resilience of its onsite power supply. The partnership continues an important legacy of growth and innovation for G.A. Wintzer & Son, a family owned and operated company since 1848, by enabling reduced environmental impacts and lower carbon emissions through the use of the new onsite R3Di® system.

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Palm Energy LLC, a subsidiary of e2 Companies, will install three megawatts of power with the R3Di® system at G.A. Wintzer & Son’s main processing plant in Wapakoneta, OH. The revolutionary new R3Di® system delivers a secure and stable source of power that sets a new standard in the industry and is adaptable for a wide range of renewable energy. This technology, combined with Palm Energy’s Network Operations Center (NOC) for 24×7 asset monitoring and deployment, creates the industry’s first Virtual Utility®, an independent source of power which optimizes the existing grid and reduces utility dependence. The estimated completion date for the full installation at G.A. Wintzer & Son is March 2023.

“The resilience and quality of our power supply is paramount for our business,” said Andy Walters, vice president, G.A. Wintzer & Son. “Our equipment requires a consistent frequency and voltage, which has been susceptible to surges and dips from our local utility. The R3Di® system is the ideal solution for us because it will stabilize our power supply, drive more efficiency and cost savings.”

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Frank Lettieri, senior vice president of e2 Companies’ Palm Energy LLC, said, “The optimization of our current power grid depends on partnerships with customers like G.A. Wintzer & Son. This is a multi-generational family owned business that represents the core values of innovation and industrial strength in our country. G.A. Wintzer & Son deserves a power supply that reflects those same values.”

Source: PRNewswire