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Evolving Philosophies on COVID

Josh Nass and other small business owners have had to adapt to the changing circumstances that the Coronavirus has wrought and brought about. The reality is that the field of commerce and the private sector have had to modify accordingly in order to accommodate the changes in day to day life.

As the virus has developed and changed so much of our daily routines in ways that nobody could have possibly anticipated, business owners have also made some necessary changes. Unfortunately that’s also included some business owners recalibrating due to the changed economic conditions by making budget cuts.

As a part of these budget cuts, some have had to conduct lay-offs, leading many people to lose their jobs and as a consequence of that, lose their incomes and way of life they are accustomed to leading. This has been tragic in so many ways, as it certainly transcends the economic realities of the Coronavirus era in which we live in. It demonstrates the types of devastating social consequences that have been created because of this alarming situation.

But this has also proven to be a time of great benevolence and acts of generosity. Many Americans have gone out of their way to help their neighbors and fellow citizens who may be struggling in ways that cannot be imaginable during this time. For those like Josh Nass, this is a time for reflection and for assessing how to help all those we hold near and dear to our hearts.

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