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Cellular Era is Accelerating

Advances in technology are accelerating the pace at which we operate according to a study recently released by Josh Nass Strategies. There are many changes that are happening as a direct result of advances in traditional and mobile technology. Those changes are happening at a rapid pace that only some are able to indeed keep up with.

It’s important for people to recognize and understand that there is indeed a need for adaptation and even conformity. We have seen the way technology has truly revolutionized industry across different areas. These changes have come at different paces; but regardless of the velocity at which they’ve come, they have consistently proven effective at changing the way consumers respond to companies and their offerings.

According to Jason at Josh Nass Strategies, these changes are understandable and indeed will continue revolutionizing the way certain industries operate and comport themselves. If one looks at the retail industry for instance and the unfortunate struggles that it is dealing with given the realities of the Coronavirus, it’s clear that the function and value of e-commerce platforms have proven effective at overtaking traditional customer experiences of coming into the store to shop.

Indeed change can be disruptive but it need not be destructive. There are ways in which change can be viewed and indeed treated that proves of great value in hindsight to whatever industry chooses to serve as the hub for that change.

Vehicles for change in industry due to technology vary. But there is a consistent pattern that is clearly evidenced by the ways in which people seek to interact with businesses. Indeed it is certainly the case that e-commerce platforms serve as far more user-friendly experiences than having to go into a retail store and actually make purchases that way.

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