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Can You Make a Living Working From Your Phone?

The modern age is the age of the smartphone.

These devices have become so ubiquitous and crucial to us that we often design our lives around them.

We choose outfits around our phones. Almost every restaurant, bar, and storefront has wifi now to accommodate our constant use of our phones.

While many people point to this as a negative development, the truth is that smartphones have brought a lot of amazing things into our lives.

Smartphones let us stay connected to one another. Social media and texting and messaging apps let us check in with people we would otherwise be unable to communicate with, helping us maintain relationships.

Additionally, smartphones have given us access to endless amounts of information. We can learn almost anything within the span of five minutes.

These incredible developments enrich our lives and make it easier for us to do our daily tasks.

But what if you could use your phone for more than that? What if you could actually make a living just by using your phone.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Here are three ways you can make a living with nothing more than your phone and an internet connection.

Become an Influencer

The first way you can make money using just your phone is to become an influencer.

Influencers are people with large followings on social media platforms. These people make their money by trading the attention they garner for sponsorships or paid posts.

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Becoming an influencer may not be the simplest way to make money, but it can be done.

Influencers can appeal to any niche. You can be a book influencer, a crochet influencer, a cat enthusiast influencer, and the list goes on.

All that matters is that you can connect with people and hold their attention.

From there, all you need to do is reach out to brands and businesses that might be interested in advertising to your audience.

All of this can be done with nothing more than your cell phone. In fact, it doesn’t even need much of a time investment. 10 minutes a day spent consistently working on your social media can seriously add up.

Become a Social Media Manager

Of course, being the center of attention isn’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t like the pressure of posting about your own life. Maybe you just aren’t that interested in becoming an influencer.

If that’s the case, fear not. You can still make money from posting on social media, you’ll just need to find someone else to pay you to do it for them.

These days, social media marketing is an absolutely critical part of any business. This means there are tons of companies looking to hire someone to handle their social media for them.

If you think you have what it takes to keep yourself on task, you can become one of them. You can then work completely from your smartphone, creating and posting content on various social media platforms.

Become a Content Writer

If social media just isn’t your thing, you can also try your hand at content writing.

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While most content writers use laptops or desktops, content writing can be done entirely from your phone. All you need is the Google Docs app for your phone and you can write from absolutely anywhere.

You can write content about almost anything. All you need is a little bit of background knowledge or a willingness to research and you can start pitching yourself as a content writer.


Smartphones have changed how we connect and interact, making us more mobile than ever.

For the minimalist, a smartphone can even double as a home office. All you need to do is choose one of the above-mentioned careers, spend a bit of time learning, and you can set yourself up to work from anywhere.