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Air Conditioning Apps That Will Stay You Cool All Summer time

Summer is the time of year when everyone wants to escape the heat. However, this can be difficult for people who are not in a climate-controlled environment. Luckily, there are many great smart-thermostat apps that will help you figure out how to keep your air conditioning running all summer long!

Make Sure You Have a Great AC Unit!

As you will discover in this blog, there are many great smart thermostat apps to help you keep your air conditioning on all summer long. However, a great thermostat only works well in combination with a great air conditioning unit.

If you are in need of an AC unit that can keep your home cool no matter how hot the weather gets outside, look no further than Sansone Air Conditioning. Sansone reviews prove that this company is willing to go above and beyond, in not only finding you a great thermostat but also in helping you find a great AC unit to fit your needs.


Some of the best smart thermostats on the market are from Ecobee. Not only can you control your home’s temperature via smartphone or tablet, but you also have a number of other great features to help keep yourself cool no matter where you are.

This app allows for remote access so that users never have to worry about being uncomfortable at home. Plus, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa which means that you can operate your thermostat hands-free using only your voice!

For any users who are concerned about energy savings, this app also has an Energy Savings Mode that automatically adjusts the temperature when everyone in the house leaves and then returns. This not only helps to keep your air conditioning running more efficiently, but it can also help you to save money by reducing your energy bill!


Another great option is the Honeywell Lyric. This smart thermostat app features auto-schedule capabilities that will learn how you like your house temperature and then automatically adjust for perfect comfort all summer long. Plus, Honeywell Lyric comes with geofencing capabilities which allow you to control the temperature of your home using only location-based triggers.

The Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app is compatible with numerous smart devices making it easy for users to monitor their comfort levels whether they are at work or out on vacation. This thermostat does not come with voice control capabilities, but it does have the ability to integrate with Google Assistant and other voice assistants.

Honeywell Total Connect Comfort is great for users who want a thermostat that can be controlled from anywhere without needing a separate app. However, if you are looking for something with more features or prefer an app-based interface then this might not be the perfect smart thermostat for you.


Nest is another great option for smart thermostats that users can control from their smartphones. This app works with Nest Protect, the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that helps to keep you safe.

This app allows for remote access which means that it will be able to maintain your home’s temperature even if everyone has left and you are not there to do it yourself. Plus, the app is compatible with Amazon Alexa so that users can control their thermostat hands-free using only voice commands.

Nest also features geofencing capabilities which means that if your phone automatically detects when you enter or leave a certain area then this smart thermostat will adjust the temperature of your home accordingly. Nest is a great option if you are looking for an app-based smart thermostat that can be controlled remotely and has geofencing capabilities.

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