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5 Techniques to Create a Top Changing Explainer Video for Your Trade

Imagine you are walking down the street and come across a completely unknown store. Even though you are not sure what they are selling, you still choose to walk in and check the aisle for products. 

There are so many things to purchase and you can easily get overwhelmed. 

Imagine, somebody walks up to you and asks are you ready to make a purchase? What will be your response? My guess is, your reply would be to consider leaving the store and not even looking back. 

You must be wondering what happened? Why did the customer leave? 

It’s because the customer didn’t understand what your store is all about and what you have to offer. 

Same goes for online websites. When a visitor visits your digital presence, they have expectations. They want to interact with a website which is easy to access and self-explanatory. 

And nothing serves the purpose more effectively than an explainer video. 

An explainer video plays a massive role in convincing, persuading and helping visitors decide to make a purchase. According to recent research, around 81% of the audience get convinced to make a purchase after they watch an explainer video. With such statistics, there’s a high chance that one can even ignore the benefits of getting an explainer video. But marketers often wonder, what is the correct way to proceed forward? So here are 5 ways to create a high converting explainer video for business. 

Answer Objections Which May Trigger in the Minds of Your Audience

When it comes to video, make sure that you create the perfect script for it. We often wonder what makes a video script perfect? While a bit of entertaining elements can spice up the video content, the real thing that makes a video hook the attention of your audience is when your explainer video can address the problems of the people. After all, nobody can understand your business model in a way you do. Therefore, as an expert of your product, you should address these pain points and help your customers find a solution through your explainer video. Ask questions like what makes them giddy or what ticks them up? By answering these questions you can beat down the most graphically satisfying product videos circulating the market. 

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Create a Sales Funnel and Make Sure to Implement It

Video has immense power to convince people. A good video helps individuals to transit easily through various stages of the buyer’s journey. It helps create the desired awareness, make the audience consider and eventually help them with making a decision to purchase. If you are aware of different stages of the buyer’s journey, you can better create an explainer video and fit the video exactly in the right place within the respective sales funnel of your marketing strategy. In this way, you become better equipped with educating the audience about your product/service, and at the same time leverage the power of a great explainer video to convince your target audience for purchase. 

Decide Whether You Want a Whiteboard Animation or a Live Action Video

Based on your product/service, analyze what kind of explainer video will work amazingly for your digital business. Decide whether you would like to get a whiteboard animation to market and sell your brand. A white board animation uses drawing animation to educate the audience how your product and service can help them out. Whereas a live action video involves live people taking different action steps to explain how your product/service works. You can add depth to your video and establish a personal connection more effectively with a live shot video. Although, live action videos have a higher cost of production because you will have to hire a crew and get a video camera to take the shot. But altogether, it is a much better option compared to whiteboard animation. 

After all, it depends on what you think will work best for your digital product. 

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Highlight the Key Benefits of your Product in Your Explainer Video

The psychology of winning is to educate the audience on the benefits of your product along with addressing the pain points of your average customers. So before you invest your time & budget in creating an explainer video that can sell your product/service effectively, make sure to address all the key benefits. Highlight the product in a way that it stands out from the rest of the crowd and the only way you can do it is by performing a thorough research. Study what your competition is doing differently. Perform an analysis and see what is working greatly for the market. By understanding what values others are offering, you can get an idea what’s working for the market. Use a few of these elements to attract your average audience and ensure that your working strategy is better than rest. 

And Finally, Make Everything Error-Free in your Video Content

Even if you have the perfect strategy and you have designed an amazing video, a small element that sets the marketing tone off in your explainer video can easily deviate the audience. Check over again for the slightest errors may it be speed of the animation, the script, the pronunciation of words, the words in the video, or something else. Tweak it to perfection or you will eventually have to experience a setback. Even the slightest off elements can create a very negative impact on your target audience. 

And there you go, here are the 5 ways which I believe everyone should consider. A great video production company will always address these features before they get their heads into creating an explainer video. In case, if you are a business owner and planning to invest your budget in one, make sure you address them as well. It’s best that you try hiring a professional company to do it all for you. 

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