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4 Inexpensive Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

If you’re in the midst of wedding planning, there’s a good chance you’re overwhelmed with all the expenses and things to cross off on your to do list. The truth is there are some inexpensive ways you can quickly inject a little personality into your wedding, to ensure that it feels just right for you and your partner. Whether you’re on a budget, or just looking to do a little more for less, these 4 inexpensive ways to personalize your wedding will help you create an event that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Keep reading to learn more about how to make your special day feel really special.

Custom Save the Dates
I love a good save the date – they’re something you can pop on your fridge and look at every day, allowing you to get excited about the upcoming event. They also serve an important purpose, too, they allow you to get through your guestlist and to see who will be attending, who can’t make it, and how many extra spaces you have to send out to other people. This is one thing that I think is worth investing in, while it is possible to do your wedding invites on social media such as via Facebook, there’s something so special and traditional about receiving save the date postcards in the mail. You can use your save the date as an opportunity to show off a beautiful photo of you and your fiance, and it can help build emotion and momentum for the wedding.

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Childhood Photos
One of my favorite weddings I’ve attended had a very cute photo wall. You could see photos of the bride and groom as children, and as they grew up until the point where they met. From there, there were numerous photos of them together as a couple as they navigated their dating years. Of course there were some photos of their engagement, too. It was very special and a really inexpensive way to add a little more personality to your wedding. You can do a photo wall near where your cake and guestbook will be.

Your Wedding Favors
If you choose to do wedding favors, you’ll soon see this can quickly add up to a considerable expense, especially when you multiply it across the number of guests. If you’re already feeling a bit tight with money, the wedding favor might just feel like a bit much. You can choose to do an inexpensive wedding favor that also adds a touch of personality. I got married overseas, so I chose to give all of my guests a traditional chocolate from my home country. It was very special for everyone to try something from so far away, and was a great talking point. Think of something you and your partner love, and figure out how you can share that with your guests.

Photo booth
One of the best things you can do at a wedding is to have a photo booth. You can do a low budget one by buying a polaroid camera, tons of film, and you can buy or make props. If you want to add a fun touch to your wedding day photo booth, why not get some life size photos of you and your fiance done, so people can take silly photos with them. You can also try to customize the props so they’re relevant to you and your life together.

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Having a wedding that reflects you and your partner will help ensure your wedding is a day (or night) to remember. It doesn’t have to be expensive to add in a little personality and hopefully these four inexpensive tips help you create the wedding of your dreams.