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3 Varieties Of Apps That Will Stay Your Youngsters Protected At Faculty

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Being a parent can be a really difficult job and you’re constantly looking out for your kids in this modern technological age. Kids nowadays are exposed to the Internet from a very young age and so this leaves them exposed to material that you might not want them learning about. As parents, we want to know about our kid’s Internet activity because you don’t know what kind of people are out there on the Internet posing as children, when they are in fact full-grown adults. This is how dangerous it has become and so as a parent, we need to be looking for technology to also help us out when it comes to the safety and care of our children.

If you are a parent who is sending your child to the British International School in Bangkok, then you’re clearly trying to get your child the best education possible and so you need to spend a little bit more time considering the kinds of different safely applications that are available to keep your kids safe on the way to school, in the school and when they’re coming back home again. The following are just some of the technological tools that are available that can help to keep your kids safe.

  1. The Applock – This allows you to be the parent to let your child take your phone for the day to school because you might want to be able to contact them for a specific reason. This lock allows the kids to use the form but it stops them looking at your personal messages, your photographs and any other private information that you might have stored in your handset. The app allows you to lock certain things at particular times of the day and in particular locations. It might be a good idea to lock game applications so that your child is not distracted when making their way home from school. A smartphone is a type of wearable technology  that is helping to keep out kids safe.
  2.  – Time out apps – These are great because they allow you to lock your children out of their phones at particular times of the day. This will be perfect during lesson times where you don’t want your child to be distracted in the classroom and you want them to be listening to the teacher and taking advantage of the international education that you have provided for them. Some features of this application are that you can set time limits on how much your child can use the smartphone and you can also block certain applications as well.
  1. Tracking apps – These are essential if you want to be able to keep time on your children at all times. You can know that they are safe in school because a tracking app will give you their precise location at any one time. You can also track the browsing history to make sure that there are not looking at things that they shouldn’t be and you can also block content as well. You can set filtering levels that give your kids the access that they need and a great deal of freedom, but without them looking at mature Internet content. To learn more about keeping your child safe on the Internet, here is a link to Childline Thailand.
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As a parent, you want to give your children the freedom that they are constantly asking for and you want to be able to keep your distance from them as well, so that they can get their independence. However, as a parent you would be remiss in your responsibilities if you didn’t have some kind of safety apps installed on their smartphones.