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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Skin While Traveling

Taking care of your skin on the go can be stressful. Maintaining a skincare routine that is right for your skin type can be hard enough, and traveling doesn’t make it any easier. Not only can the stress of traveling cause breakouts, but visiting new or unfamiliar places can cause problems in your skin as it adjusts to the new air and water quality at your destination. Plus, traveling usually involves busy schedules and a lack of strict routines, which means many people simply forget or do not have time to stick to a rigorous skincare routine that keeps their skin clean and clear. If you fall into this category, you aren’t alone.

Although maintaining a good skincare routine while traveling can be difficult, it is not impossible.

Here are 3 simple ways to keep your skin looking and feeling great on your next trip.

  • Carry Your Usual Products

Although you might be tempted to try out a new face wash or moisturizer that is available in an eye-catching mini size during your vacation, it is best to stick to the products you know and normally use at home. Traveling disrupts the equilibrium in your skin as you adjust to new air and a new routine, so switching up products at the same time can make breakouts or other issues worse. Putting your usual skincare products in a refillable travel container can help save your skin, and can save you some money!

  • Wear a Face Mask on the Plane

One of the leading causes in dehydration and breakouts while traveling is the lack of oxygen and changing air quality experienced during a long flight. Wearing a hydrating sheet or mud mask on your next Access Jet Group charter will not only feel luxurious, but will keep your skin in shape while you’re in the air.

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Sunscreen isn’t just for a day at the beach, although wearing SPF is *especially* important for those taking a tropical vacation or plan on spending some long days soaking up the sun on their next trip. Wearing SPF is important in protecting your skin from environmental elements such as harmful UV rays, and is a necessity for any vacation where you will be spending even a little bit of time outside. Experts recommend using SPF 50 or higher, and reapplying every hour (sooner if you are sweating or spending time submerged in water).