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3 Popular Games With Mobile Editions

Mobile games are more popular than ever, with people having the ability to play an assortment of different games all from their phones. But not all games are created equal. Often times people wish they could simply play games from their consoles or computers, but while on the go. There are certain games that allow just that, albeit with a few alterations.

PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown Battle Grounds—commonly referred to as PUBG—was one of the first games to break the battle royale genre into the mainstream. While it’s a little clunky, it’s still played each and every day by gamers around the world on their console or PC. With PUBG Mobile, players can drop into battle no matter where they are and get that chicken dinner.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile

This AAA title was released on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 way back in 2013, and not long after we also got the mobile version. This DC superhero-inspired fighting game lets players fight as some of their favorite characters, like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and tons more. It included all the characters from the original game, and while the combat and graphics had to be watered down a bit in order to run correctly on phones, it was incredibly fun for the time. The Injustice 2 version is also available and is still played today.

Fallout Shelter

War? War never changes. But the way you play Fallout certainly does! Bethesda is known for its long breaks between titles, and fans of the Fallout franchise were eager to get their hands on the fourth installment when it dropped back in 2015. They also surprised fans with a free mobile game in the series, and Fallout Shelter was born. It revolved more around management, building, scouting, and leveling up your own vault dwellers rather than the exploration or choice and consequence that Fallout was known for, but it sure captured the same spirit, giving something for players to enjoy in between releases.

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Gaming on the Go! These mobile versions of popular games have become fan favorites in their own right. They allow gamers everywhere access to the games they know and love but from the convenience of their phones. Plus there are countless others, like Minecraft Pocket Edition, Among Us, and Apex Mobile. The next time you’re sitting in the waiting room at a place like Provider’s Choice Scribe Services or on a work break with nothing to do, whip out your phone and download your favorite game!